We Are His Treasured Possession!

“Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine,” (Exodus 19:5 NIV)

To obey God “fully” is to acknowledge His authority in all things and to simply, just do it! There is no other way that we can see ourselves as His treasured possession, chosen specifically by Him, and given favor so all the nations shall see us as His.

Of course obeying God comes with a price tag that many of us already understand. It means we withstand the ridicule and derision of those who think they know than God–who are actually the Godless and we know them by their behavior. We are belittled by those who attempt to derail everything we say because of their own insecurities, guilt, and self-hatred. We stand up to their accusations of hate because we know it is not us who hate–when we are filled with the love of God–there is no room for hatred, but watch how they personalize attacks against those who dare to stand up for Truth and Righteousness according to God’s Word and not our opinions.

Yes, there is a price to be paid for obeying God and some are paying with their lives when they refuse to recant their faith in God. These are the true heroes of faith in Christ Jesus. Those who will not turn back or turn away from serving an all-wise God, though physical death may be the end result, God’s reward for obedience is greater than the hatred of those who will not hear Him and obey.

Yesterday, as I often do, I commented on an article in the New York Times regarding Ireland’s referendum. Part of the caption to the article started, “love prevails…” and that is what caught my attention. My comment, “Too bad many cannot distinguish between love and lust,” and it triggered so much vitriol that I was truly amazed. Hatred spewed from the fingers of many who replied and I just sat in wonderment watching them, thankful that I have so much of God’s love within that I never went into attack mode as they did.

This is when we know we are His treasured possession–when we can respond to someone attacking us, without attacking in return. I am so thankful to God that He has chosen me to be His, curbs my tongue and my fingers when the godless attack and propels me to show them respect for their opinions, even when they won’t respect mine.

When we are filled with His goodness, we recognize those who are hurting because their hatred directed at us, is without merit. They react out of guilt and self-hatred and when we dare to say anything that is remotely different from what they think–they attack. I truly feel sorry for them and I’m praying that they will eventually see the need to know God and be set free from the hatred that holds them so tightly. They fail to understand that it is not us–the Believers who obey God–who hate them, but them who hate us because we dare to believe God and obey Him.

This world is in need of much prayer for all–the saved and unsaved, but while we wait for the unsaved to get a revelation of God’s love, we can rest in the knowledge that we are His treasured possession. Keep praying!


Seeking Hidden Treasure!

“indeed, if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God” (Proverbs 2:3-5 NIV).

More wisdom from Solomon!

If we sought insight and understanding with the same fervor and diligence that some seek silver and hidden treasures, we would understand what it means the fear of the Lord and find His knowledge.

Some seek means of obtaining wealth without regard to the means or how it affects others, but never seek knowledge of God.

Some seek hidden treasure beneath the seas, expending every resource they have and often the investment of others, never giving up, but the same people seldom seek God for direction.

Some seek immediate gratification and wealth in gambling–playing the lottery, in the casinos with such tenacity that it would be admirable if they sought God with the same tenacity.

There is a hidden treasure within each and every one of us that most miss because they overlook the map that God has prepared for us in His Word. We are His treasure, and when we seek Him, He gives us insight to things to come and brings back to our remembrance those things He has taught us and a world of wealth (not just money) is opened to us. We have a wealth of compassion and love, forgiveness and peace within, and an attitude of gratitude for all we have. We communicate with Him on a consistent basis because we know without Him, we are lost and we need Him to keep us on the path He has established for us.

The treasure we seek, when we seek Him for direction does not remain hidden for long because when we operate with His wisdom and knowledge, the results are available for all to see. We have been given gifts–both naturally and spiritually–that most have never discovered–their treasure. Seek Him now to reveal the gifts He has given and learn to use them to His glory! We are His treasure (2 Corinthians 4:7 and Exodus 19:5)!

If we are amazed with all that God has created considered the “natural wonders of the world” then operating in the gifts He has given, would truly be a source of amazement. We are His gifts to the world when we do what He has asked us to do so through us, the world might come to know Him and His love and peace would prevail in all the land.

Being His Treasure!

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?

Usually, when “hunting” for treasure, one must have an idea as to what the treasure is, its worth or value and a direction in which to find it.  Some people have used treasure hunts to enhance parties for children and adults as part of the entertainment.  Some people seek treasures as a life-time career–using maps with mysterious symbols and meanings to locate the sought item.  When we seek treasures, we have to actively look for it.  But God has chosen us and declared us treasured possessions if we hear His voice and obey (Exodus 19:5).  Notice He didn’t look for us–He chose us–when we hear and obey.

When we hear His voice (through The Word or a messenger) and obey what He has said to do–He considers us greatly valued and cherishes us.  He attaches worth and value to us–not man and certainly not us.

What do we treasure?  Do we treasure His love, mercy, and grace?  Are they valuable enough for us to cherish and treat with great care? The Word also tells us that where our heart is, we will find our treasure.  Do we have a heart to hear God and obey Him today?

I have always treasured my children by taking care of them and valuing them as individuals, leading and guiding them to do what is right no matter what the circumstances in which they find themselves.  I would hope they treasure my love for them and not take it for granted.

When I think about my love for my children, I understand God’s love for me and pray I never take His love for granted.  After all, I am His treasure and I know He cherishes me and I want to retain my position with Him.

Are you one of His treasured possessions?  If not, hear and obey Him.  If so, shout Hallelujah for being of great worth to Him!