With Patience Do We Wait!

Talking about patience is a lot easier than “doing” patience!

Here am I, waiting for the return of my computer, and at first–I convinced myself to be patient. “In your souls possess you possess your patience!” Well, I guess my soul is getting a little restless or anxious because my patience is running a little thin.

Sure, I can use my little tablet for some things, but it’s not the same as using a full size keyboard and having a full size monitor on which I can actually see what I’m typing (I hope people can read this–I can barely see it).

At least I know once I receive the recovery disk, it won’t be long. I was just informed yesterday that the disc had been shipped. I’m practice deep breathing to keep me from losing it. I am so dependent upon my computer!

As a writer, who does not use “pen and paper” I am lost without my computer. And the bad thing is since the hard drive crashed, I have to start everything over from scratch if they cannot recover my documents and pictures–oh! What a mess!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way (or out of my system), I think I can wait. And while I’m waiting, guess what I’m doing? A little of this, a little of that. I’ve walked over five miles already this week, tended the little garden planted, working on doing some housework (which I hate, but someone has to do it). Oh! I’ve actually finished two books!

Yeah, we can learn to wait with patience or at least learn to patiently wait, doing other things. If there’s a difference–let me know!

Trying to be a little humorous today so I won’t become despondent and cry over the fact that my computer has deserted me and I feel so alone and abandoned! (sniff, sniff)

God bless your day as you laugh at the antics of an older woman with vision issues and fingers that are too big and heavy for this little keyboard. Luv2luvU!

Reflections and Resolutions!

As I was reflecting upon the past year and some of my blog posts, I started thinking about all that has been said and why.

For more than a year now, I have been writing as God has inspired me to write based on His Word. At least that’s what I believe. My early morning posts should attest to that on a daily basis. This is the ministry that God has encouraged me to do so that others will also be encouraged and enlightened. I pray that the goal was met–people being encouraged and enlightened that is. If you have a personal favorite blog–feel free to re-blog or let me know. I usually have to “look back” at them to understand the responses I get.

Some of my posts have been political rants or personal vents and some promotions for my books. Blogging–as a way of communicating, self-reflecting, and learning has become such an integral part of my life that I don’t see it ending any time soon.

At any rate–I would love to say what will be (I don’t know), but I can say with certainty is that–I’ll be here–blogging away, writing what is in my heart and praying that something is said to encourage yours.

Thanks for your support and may God bless your every endeavor that honors Him. I have no resolutions other than hearing from God and obeying. Here’s to–reflections of The Word!

Venting Works!

Please forgive my venting for a moment. I will get back to my usual encouragement.

Why is it that some folks cannot stand for others to mention “God or faith in Him” and they attempt to go ballistic when we do?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed?

For people who post absolute garbage (porn, anything sexual), there “appears” to be an infinite following. But for those of us who dare to declare the goodness of the Lord, praise Him, and acknowledge where all blessings come from, our followings are almost microscopic (in comparison) and then some get mad if we say “God” too much in one post and drop us like a bad habit.

Guess what? I do not care whether some people follow me or not. I will continue to lift up the name of Jesus, proclaim the gospel of Jesus of Christ, say “hallelujah” whenever I feel like it and keep saying it and keep saying it and keep saying it. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing shall separate me from the love of Jesus, not death, nor heights, nor favoritism, nor anything the enemy tosses my way, shall stop the praises on my lips! Hallelujah!

Okay! I feel better now. God bless each and every believer who is not ashamed of Who He is.

He has risen and is alive and well!