When children know that parents care about their education, the children try harder just because someone cares.  When parents care about what their children are doing, the world becomes a better place in which to live for everyone.

I encourage every aspiring teacher, community activist, and parent to read, If Parents Cared Enough…Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read. 

I am committed to making every effort possible to make sure parents understand just how powerful a role they have within the educational process of their local school district.

Additionally, I can not ignore the role of ministry in my life and what God has destined me to do with the gift He has given. So, while I encourage parental involvement in the schools and with their children, I will also encourage all to believe that God is and to develop a relationship with Him in order to accomplish all things well.

When I write, whatever it is that I write, I write to encourage, entertain, inspire, educate and motivate–all to His glory!


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  1. when kids we someone whants better for them, kids see a bright future fot them. This pushes us to wamt to do better for ourselfs as well.


  2. I’ve been substitute teaching for about four years. When I first began, I was a bit shocked at the cumulative ‘disrespect’ shown my many (not all) of the students. And I don’t place blame on their little heads. In my school district, many of these children have cell phones, expensive sports socks and designer sneakers. They don’t lack material things.
    No parent is perfect, my children bedrooms get messy sometimes and they forget to hang their coats up sometimes, but they hold door for people, they say please and thank you, they’re not permitted to use cell phones when company is present…they’re well-behaved and do very well in school. There are other children like mine. Their parents raise them much in the same way – at home respecting one another so that when they get into a classroom environment they respect their teacher enough to learn and they respect their peers enough to listen.
    Thank you for this blog and trying to make a difference where it’s critical to do so.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment that something has to change. I’ve written a book,”If Parents Cared Enough, Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read,” expressing my concerns in a broader medium–book available on Amazon. God Bless!


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