Is It Too Late?

I am so tired of all the foolishness that exists in the hearts of people–politicians who cannot think beyond their bank accounts and their greed, preachers who are feeding their sheep garbage and then wonder why Christian growth is stunted, and those who refuse to think with the heads on their shoulders before making stupid decisions (and that includes all of us; especially parents).  I wonder if it’s too late for us to make a 180 degree turn for the better.  Is God as tired of us as I am? Are you tired of the foolishness?

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to hear those who have a relationship with You and know Your Word, how You want us to live.

Help us to see clearly how foolishness, selfishness, and greed hinder Your plans for all.

Help us to change our ways and conduct so You will manifest miracles in the lives of all who need one.

Help us O God, to stop acting rashly, with no regard for human life and alleviate the suffering of those around us.

Create in us a clean heart, with all of the filth of time, filtered out so that nothing remains that is not of You. Speak to the hearts of every person in leadership, right now, and let them know that You are still God and besides You, there is no other. Remind them of Your Word and how we are to protect the rights of the poor and the needy and that You, and You alone will judge us for what we do and don’t do that is right in Your eyes.

And if it is not too late–help us to speak boldly in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, courageously speaking all You have said, without fear of the recriminations shown to us by others, willing to do all You have put on our hearts to do.

Help us to understand that having a religious affiliation does not mean we have a relationship with You. Help us today, to get our relationship with You right.

Is it too late for us to ask and expect a response from You that assures us, You have given us yet one more chance to get things right with You?

All this I ask and thank You for in the name of Your precious Son, Amen!


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