Spirit Truths!

“The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15 NIV).

Which spirit is governing your life today?

We often get confused with the discussion of The Spirit (depends on who is referencing this), Holy Spirit, and spirits to the point where we have an entire subculture of people engaged in the study of the paranormal and ghosts. From a biblical perspective–we all have a spirit, a soul, and a physical body which houses our spirit. The bible–God’s Word–tells that our spirit and flesh often battle against knowledge and instruction by Holy Spirit. When we die a physical death–our spirit goes back to God from which it came. The soul of a person which must be saved–our thoughts and actions comprise our soul–will be judged for eternity’s selection. The physical body–goes back to the dust from which it came. That’s for our bodies.

In the earth realm, there are spirits–demonic spirits–directed by Lucifer himself–who engage the minds of people and influence their behavior and that behavior is contrary to everything God has said. How do we know? The evil that exists in the land did not “suddenly appear” as some would believe. It was planned by the one who knows evil intimately and hates God and everything that God loves. And anyone who doubts God, disbelieves in God, or is in opposition to God, is subject to be influenced by the enemy. However, they are not necessarily the targets; Lucifer (Satan) already has them enlisted in his army. The targets are those who profess a belief in God, try to live godly lives as God would have us to do, but are just vulnerable enough to believe a lie if it is couched in enough truth, to make it appear true. 

Look at the conversations Satan had with Jesus–and he knew who He was. “If you are…” And Satan will make promises that he cannot fulfill, but he will also set us up to fail and then laugh at us and our stupidity.

Spirits do influence us–whether we realize it or not–but to make sure we are not being influence by demons; make sure what your thinking aligns with God’s Word in totality, not just a superficial understanding that leaves out the core of truth.

When we have received Holy Spirit–we no longer have to be afraid, and we are not subject to being enslaved by the demonic spirits that seek our destruction and eventual death. It is Holy Spirit’s role to guide us into all truth, to bring back to our remembrance of all we have been taught (pertaining to righteousness), and to show us things to come.  He authors (by permission of the One who sent Him) our visions and creativity and encourages us to run this race with patience–keeping our eyes on the prize–living with Jesus at our end.

For God has said, “I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.” So, when people are afraid–what spirit is at work? When people cannot love–what spirit is at work? When people lack the inner strength to keep moving forward because of who He is, not us–what spirit is at work? When people are incapable of thinking rational thoughts–what spirit is at work?

A person doesn’t need to be an Albert Einstein or rocket scientist to draw accurate conclusions with this. We simply need “to know” The Word so we can never be deceived by the demons who plot our destruction. If what is happening around does not align with God’s Word, know who is at work, influencing the behavior you see.

Give us understanding today, O God, that we are never again deceived by the spirits at work in our land. Open our hearts to receive Holy Spirit and all that He will do to keep us focused on You and Your Word.


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