He is Love!

“He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (I John 4:8 NKJV)

How do we know–He is Love?

Who else would have left their throne in heaven,

Wrapped themselves in flesh and came through a birth canal

When they didn’t have to do it?

Who else would endure the insults and persecutions

Of the religious sects, yet heal, and raise the dead?

Who else would care enough to accept the lunch of a child

And by blessing the little, fed the multitudes, because He cared?

Who else would love us so much that He spent precious last moments,

Before His arrest, praying for us who would choose to believe and follow Him?

Who else would endure the flaying of His skin, being nailed to a cross,

For our sins when He had committed none of them?

Who else would endure the tauntings of those who did not understand,

He hung on that cross for all who dared to believe and would rise again?

Who else would enter into hell and defeat Satan on his own turf

And rise with all power in His Hands and then transfer that power to us?

Who else would love us in spite of us and give us chance after chance

To get living for Him right?

Who else–would you–would I–endure it all because of Love?

No! God alone loves us enough to have done it all and would do it again,

Just because He is Love and can do nothing else, but Love!

Thank You, Lord for Your Love, Mercy, Grace, And Kindness

Shown towards me even when I didn’t deserve it.

Now, help me to have a mindset to always live to please You,

In all that I say and do,

So others will know about Your Great Love,

For all of mankind!

If we say–we are His Children, then we must Love

Like He loves–unconditionally–with no hate abiding within.


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