Before The End!

There are many people attempting to identify the “end” of life as we know it.  That shouldn’t surprise us.  People have been predicting the end for hundreds of years and we’re still here.

In the gospel of Mark, we are told that many things will happen before the end actually occurs. Some of those things mentioned, have happened and are happening, but we haven’t reached the end, yet.

Mark 13:5 -13 is my focus for today. Jesus was warning the disciples about what “people” would do:

1) Many will come in my name, saying, “I am he” and deceive many (the end is not yet)

2) We will hear wars and rumors of war ( the end is not yet)

3) Nations will rise against nations, kingdoms against kingdoms, earthquakes and famine throughout the land (the end is not yet)

4) Followers of Jesus standing trial for their beliefs (the end is not yet)

5) The Gospel must first be preached to all nations (are we there yet?)

6) Brother will betray brother, fathers will betray children, and children will rebel against parents causing them early deaths (the end is not yet)

7) All who  profess a belief in Jesus and call upon His name, will be hated (the end is not yet).

We, who believe and are willing to confess and profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ have nothing to worry about; we just need to persevere, remain steadfast, immovable in our faith and we shall be saved–from the turmoil the end brings!  Hallelujah!

A lot of things will happen before the end occurs. But we can look forward to the end with joy in Jesus Christ, knowing we have a destination and destiny to receive the crowns for our faithfulness and as long as we continue along the path He has set us upon, we have nothing to fear! Jesus is Lord and we are saved!



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