Preserve Us, Lord!

“The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul” (Psalm 121:7).

Who shall preserve us from all the evil that surrounds us?  The Lord–strong and mighty.

Who shall keep us from becoming ensnared with evil wrapped in a cloak of false righteousness?  The Lord–strong and mighty.

Who shall keep us from having evil thoughts that would be perpetuated against others for no reason?  The Lord–strong and mighty.

Who shall keep us from conspiring with evil people to maintain chaos and confusion in the land?  The Lord–strong and mighty.

How will The Lord preserve us from all evil?

When we submit to God (and all that He desires us to do) and resist the devil; the devil will flee from us!  Submit to God!  Submit to God!  Resist the evil influences conspired by the devil and put him on the run!  When we do what is required of us by God, He shall preserve us from evil!

Lord, I submit to Your every Word, trusting You and You alone.  I will not be found in the company of evil, nor will I partake of any evil that enemy has conspired to influence me to do. I will put away the works of darkness and do only those things that can be done in the light–having full exposure of all who see me. I shall hear the voice of The Lord and submit to His leading.  Thank You, Lord for preserving us from evil!



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