Poetry Month

A Whirl of Words

Whether it is one, or two or many

They swirl in the atmosphere

Painting visions without a brush

Each stroke widening the canvas

Embedded with sharp edges and smoothness

Igniting passion and pain, joy and sadness

Casting shadows on truth, embellishing lies

Gripping hearts and minds, bringing to light darkness

Or what was dark, now is light

Unveiling patterns of wickedness

Delighting young and old alike,

Just within reach of our grasp and yet often elusive,

Springing into life when captured,

Penned down to papyrus or space

Unseen, but visible to millions at a one time

They attack or attach at the whim of each use

They heal and mend hearts or

Make hearts cringe and singe and render

Havoc in spaces when peace is desired

They insist and resist traditions of time

As they create nuances of their own, now here

Now there or erased and redone

Invigorating or debilitating one never knows,

But what would we do in a world without


© Mary M. Hall-Rayford  2013

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